Sensitivity Readings

A sensitivity read is an evaluation of a manuscript, usually one that touches upon characters and experiences of a marginalized group of people, that is performed by someone within that group to bring attention to potential inaccuracies, biases, and reinforcements of harmful stereotypes. Much like one might ask a cardiologist to read their story about a cardiologist for accuracy, a sensitivity read helps ensure that the portrayal of characters and worlds unknown to the author ring true. But more than that, it helps authors better yield the immense power and responsibility of their words.

Reader – Marsha Gomes-Mckie, Caribbean themed books of any genre, multi-cultural books of any genre.


Service: Read for issues related to Caribbean themed and Multi-cultural (African being one of the races) books of any genre.

Report: An overall report which will speak to representation, any instances of bias or inappropriate/ appropriate language.              Notes and comments will be inserted in the document separately so that you can change on your own                                                                              A detailed commentary on the main characters and places.

Additional focus group option available include a small focus group review (up to 3 persons/children).

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