Trinidad and Tobago

Author: Trinidad and Tobago

Beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

She SEX: Prose & Poetry . SEX & the Caribbean Woman
If I Never Went Home
Boysie and the Kiskadee
The Golden Triangle
The Day Mother Earth screamed
The Billion Dollar Mentality
Duck in the Red Boots
Fred and Frank – Best Friends
ABC Water Alphabet (ABC Books Book 1)
Lightning Fire – The Blue Moon’s Calling
The Magic Cave: A Cascade Children’s Book
More Adventures In The Magic Cave
Breakable Moments
Kiss of a Killer
Tuning with God: A collection of poems
Barrel: Soul of a Migrant
Jewels For Children
Awakening the Spirit – You Can
God’s love for his daughters
The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom
Selima and the Merfolk
Angel’s Grace (Paula Wiseman Books)
The Jumbies
The Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane
Island Babies: Ready.SET…HATCH!
Between Bodies Lie
Behind The Narrow Street
90 Days of Violence
oOh My Testicles!
Boy Days
As Flies to Whatless Boys
My Grandmother’s Erotic Folktales
Carnival: A Novel
Divina Trace
Blessed Is the Fruit: A Novel
My Hair Grows Like a Tree
The Avocado Tree: An Immigrant’s Journey
Creativity From Within: Inspirational Poetry and Tips to Discover & Cultivate Your Passion Within
Key English Grammar – 1 (Bk.1)
Key English Grammar – 2 (Bk. 2)
Writing Skills for Lower Primary Level
Writing Skills for Upper Primary Level
The Coming of Lights
Colibri Collection
Chat Group Bible Studies
True! True! True!
From Lion to Lamb: A Spiritual Journey
Til the Well Runs Dry: A Novel
Difficult Fruit
Postcards From Foreign
Brown Sugar and Spice
Is Like This
Fire’s Voice
Thinking Out Loud
How To Find Yourself And Claim What’s Yours: An Enlightening Journey Towards Self-Discovery and a Purposeful Life
Kirk Budhooram’s The Ibis Agents
The Festival
The Protector’s Pledge (Secrets of Oscuros Book 1)
The Whale House: and Other Stories
The Strange years of my life
Nyabo (Madam) – Why Are You Here?: The Truth about Living in Service, Love, and Personal Power
What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self-Love
The Jaeden Ring: The Magic Cave Part 3
Littletown Secrets
A New Beginning
Nelson Mandela: Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Champion for Hope and Harmony (Britannica Beginner BIOS)
Madeleine L’engle (Who Wrote That?)
Crick Crack, Monkey
Sally’s Way – The Movie
For All The Right Reasons
Prisoners: Life is a virtual prison
Island Pursuits
Every Bitter Thing Sweet
A thirst for Rain
Candy Don’t Come In Gray
Everything to Me
Intimate Exposure
Meet Me in Paris
Dear Rita
Night Heat
Soul’s Desire
Love Me All The Way
Wonderful and Wild
Then I Found You
May Summer Never End
Café Au Lait
Give Me the Night
Letters to Ailan
Second Chances
The Obeahman’s Dagger
The Lifestyle of Worship: Out of the World & Into the Kingdom
Divulging: The Divorcees Guide to Survival
The Vibrant Caribbean Pot
All About Kinky Curly Hair
Divali as I knew it in Trinidad (Festivals of Trinidad & Tobago)
Gratitude Journal 365 Days of Thanksgiving
Pirates in the Library
Coming Out Of Egypt
The Killing of the Flamenco Dancer
In The Wilderness
Letters From Nigeria – Reflections of an Ifa Initiate
Under the Zaboca Tree
Living Through 2016: Beyond Fiction
Dialogue: From Mind’s Heart to Yours

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