Episode 2: Howl (The Wardens Season 1)

Episode 2: Howl (The Wardens Season 1)

The Wardens Series

"Howl" delivers evolving werewolves and terrifying lycans, the catch? They could live on your street . . .
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About the Book

Not every lycan agrees with the law set by the head of the clans. Some make it their duty to disobey, biting humans and creating werewolves that run rampant, violence their driving force.
Erin and Zach travel to Toronto, Canada, in order to face this danger head on and soon realise that nothing is really as it seems.
As they witness the evolution of the werewolf species, they must also protect themselves from those who had sworn to defend the human race and as Zach tries to keep the truth of Erin’s past from her, she starts to wonder who she can really trust.

Enjoy “Episode 2: Howl” (The Wardens Series Season 1) and check out Erin and Zach’s other adventures in:
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Or look for: The Wardens Series Season One (5 episodes in 1 edition)! This edition has been optioned for film.

Series: The Wardens Series, Book 2
Genres: Fantasy/Fiction, Paranormal Fantasy Fiction, Rated R (Adult Content), Surreal/Dark Fantasy
Publication Year: 2014
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